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Ideal for small workloads


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Public Cluster

1 Concurrency

5 Hours/mo

512 MB RAM1

30m Runtime2

50 Scheduled Tasks3

Basic Support

Select Additional Concurrency

1 - Unlimited Hrs = $29/mo
2 - Unlimited Hrs = $49/mo3 - Unlimited Hrs = $69/mo4 - Unlimited Hrs = $89/mo5 - Unlimited Hrs = $109/mo


High performance, and reliable clusters that scale up


Dedicated Cluster

15 Concurrency

Unlimited Hours

512 MB RAM

Unlimited Runtime

1,000 Scheduled Tasks

Premium Support

Autoscaling to 15

VPC Peering

Additional Concurrency

30 - $1,099/mo

60 - $1,399/mo

90 - $1,699/mo

120 - $1,999/mo4

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Great for a growing business

Public Cluster

10 Concurrency

Unlimited Hours

512 MB RAM1

60m Runtime2

100 Scheduled Tasks3

Standard Support

Select Additional Concurrency

15 - Unlimited Hrs = $239/mo
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20 - Unlimited Hrs = $309/mo25 - Unlimited Hrs = $379/mo30 - Unlimited Hrs = $449/mo60 - Unlimited Hrs = $869/mo


For mission critical applications with custom configurations and compliance requirements

Dedicated or On-Premise

Unlimited Concurrency

Unlimited Hours

Configurable RAM

Custom Runtime

Unlimited Scheduled Tasks

 Enterprise Support

Custom Autoscaling

VPC Peering

Contact for Quote

+1 628-899-0037

I'd rather pay Yearly

Free full-feature 14 day trial


Looking for IronMQ?

*14-day trial only available for non-dedicated clusters

**ACH payments via invoicing is available for Premium customers only. Net 30 payments

***ACH payments only for payments that are $1,999/mo or more

Increase task size to 1.5 GB RAM for 20% of your IronWorker plan. Ex. $169/mo*1.2=$202.80

2 Increase Runtime from 30m to 60m for 5% or 60m to 120m for 10% of your IronWorker plan

3 Additional 200 tasks are $10/mo

4 Additional 30 concurrency is $550/mo

Looking for IronCache?